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Mini Wall Holder | Electric Toothbrush Wall Mount Holder


Practical and space-saving, the mini wall holder can store 4 brush heads. Sticker included.
Neat storage and accessibility with our electric toothbrush wall-mounted holder.

Treatment and prevention of gingivitis and periodontal diseases and restoration of the gingival index through effective physiotherapy

On contact with the gums, the unique action of BROXO® OraBrush® is unmatched in its massaging and strengthening effectiveness, resulting in a profound and lasting improvement of the gingival index.

The combined action of BROXO® OraBrush® and BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets® is clinically shown to stop gingivitis in 8 days and bleeding gums due to periodontal disease in 30 days, restoring gums healthy.

1 minute of brushing with the OraBrush is 30x more effective in reducing bleeding gums and 20x more effective in removing plaque than 1 minute of brushing with a manual toothbrush.

The elimination of dental plaque and improvement of the gingival index provided by BROXO® OraBrush® are more than twice as good as any other existing solution.


The Orabrush is the only electric toothbrush offering an arcuate brushing movement that reproduces the natural act of biting. Thanks to a physiological massage, it ensures gingival gymnastics lost with the appearance of a modern diet that has become too soft. Its vertical brushing movement is the most effective: plaque and tartar do not build up, enamel is preserved and gums are strengthened.

Safety first!

BROXO brush heads do not have internal mechanisms for high bacterial safety.

Clinical studies (Pr. dr. Bonnaure-Mallet, Rennes School of Orthodontics) have demonstrated the creation of microbial growth centers and risks of contamination of the internal mechanisms of most brushes.

The ends of the brush bristles are rounded and comply with the recommendations of the American Dental Association (A.D.A.), in order to prevent abrasive effects, both on dental enamel and soft tissues.

Using your BROXO® OraBrushTM

  • Plug the buck converter into the appropriate outlet with the switch in the 0 position.
  • Fully insert a rod brush until an audible “click” is heard
  • Run water over the bristles of the stem brush before applying toothpaste, then insert the stem brush into the mouth
  • Start the device by sliding the switch to the desired power 1,2 or 3.
  • After each use, rinse the device well under running water (Fig. B).
  • It is suggested to place the device back on the wall mount after use so that water can drain away and it dries optimally. If the wall is not in use, the device can be placed on its base and the rod brushes hung on the mini adhesive wall bracket (not included, available to order).
  • It is recommended to remove the step-down converter from the socket after use.

You will quickly realize that you now have the most efficient prophylaxis device for teeth and gums. Here are some instructions to keep it in perfect working order and ensure best results.

Using your BROXO® OraBrushTM

The entire appliance can be cleaned with lukewarm water supplemented with soap or a non-damaging cleaner compatible with plastics. In case of calcium deposits, clean the device only with water mixed with white vinegar.

(Fig, B) In order to avoid the accumulation of dirt (toothpaste, calcium or other), it is essential to rinse the device well under lukewarm running water, and in particular to let the water flow through the 2 elongated openings on each side of the device, as well as on the switch. Feel free to leave the unit running and turn on the switch while rinsing for a more thorough clean. If toothpaste gets into the switch, it is easy to disassemble for cleaning:

  • (Fig.C) Slide it forward to position 3
  • (Fig. D) Insert a pointed, blunt object (e.g. knitting needle, plastic stylus) into the notch on the end of the switch and use it as a lever to pop it out.
  • (Fig. E + F) Remove the switch faceplate. Clean the front of the unit and the switch with an old rod brush or equivalent. Be careful not to damage the internal black rubber protection visible through the 2 elongated openings.
  • To put the switch back into the device, place it in position 3 and insert the plastic pin on the back of the switch into the notch at the base of the switch in the device housing. Press the front of the switch, an audible “click” will signal that it is secure.

For optimal efficiency, it is recommended to replace the rod brushes every 3 months. For complete oral hygiene, it is recommended to complement the use of the BROXO® OraBrushTM with a BROXO® OraJetsTM irrigator.

Installing the wall bracket

  • Choose the desired location
  • Drill 2 holes as shown in Fig. G.
  • Insert the plastic screw holders and drive the screws in, leaving enough head on the outside to slide the wall mount over them.

Mini Wall Holder | Electric Toothbrush Wall Mount Holder