BROXO - inventor of the electric toothbrush

OraJets® - Dental Water Flosser


Best dental water flosser
High frequency fractional micro-jets
Dislodges interdental debris
Accelerates blood circulation in the gums
Unique nebulization system
"Scrape & Flush" Tongue Cleaner
Effective and the best dental water flosser

Flosser - Teeth & Gums

Heals teeth and gums. The unique Broxo technology of 7 high frequency fractionated microjets allows two unique actions:

    1. Remove interdental particles optimally thanks to an air/water mixture.

    2. Do not hurt the gums with the impact of a monojet and accelerate the blood circulation in the capillaries, thus making the gums stronger and healthier


•   1 Orajets 220V
•.  2 multi-jet nozzles
•   1 Tongue Cleaner
•.  1 Nebulizer

Massage the gums
Accelerates, prolongs and increases blood flow in the capillaries
+ intra-sulcular penetration

Multi-Jet Nozzles - Clinical Study Highlights

- Food debris inaccessible to brushing (retention areas) are effectively removed by fractionated microjets (University of Münster: 46% more than by a single jet)
- The gums are deeply massaged. This massage results in accelerated gingival blood circulation. The metabolism and the defense of the gums are as much improved (University of Münster and Clinic of Hornheide: 54% more than with a monojet system)
- Interdental spaces are effectively penetrated. Dental plaque is removed quickly (University of Philadelphia: twice as fast as with a monojet)
- In combination with brushing, BROXO® OraJets® removes more dental plaque. Healing of gingivitis is accelerated (University of Münster: 41% more plaque removal)
- Halitosis of dental origin is effectively prevented or eliminated
- Applications of BROXO® OraJets® are pleasant and without causing bleeding or gingival lacerations, frequent with monojet systems or with toothpicks and dental floss (Universities of New Jersey and Geneva)

Nebulizing System™

- Gentle post-surgical nebulization immediately after surgery
- Uptake and penetration of the drug in situ to promote rapid healing
- Effectively replaces gargling

Tongue cleaner

- Unique “Scrape & Flush™” tongue cleaning system

Perfect cleaning of dental appliances

This water flosser is the ideal solution for cleaning braces, dentures, implants, etc. Debris is expelled from even the most inaccessible places to dental floss and cleaning brushes.

Eliminates interdental particles

- Removes mobilized plaque, even in interdental spaces
- Dislodges food particles
- Prevents bad breath caused by incomplete cleaning
- Ensures the hygiene of fixed and mobile orthodontic appliances

Massage gingival

Massage the gums
Accelerates, prolongs and increases blood flow in the capillaries
+ intra-sulcular penetration

OraJets® - Dental Water Flosser